The following WALLACE family history was originally edited and published in 1981 in the “History of Van Wert County Ohio” by the Van Wert County Historical Society.  Some information has been updated.


Hugh Wallace, born 1819 in Jefferson County, Ohio, married Martha Stone, May 13, 1841. He was a native of Jefferson County, the son of William Wallace and Mary “Polly” Hamilton, also natives of Jefferson County.  Martha Stone was from the state of Maryland.  Martha died and was buried in Jefferson County in the early 1860’5. They were the parents of eight children all born in Jefferson County. Harriet and Ann, the two older girls, married and remained in the Steubenville area.  Sarah, another daughter, married George Grimm, who with Hugh Wallace purchased 320 acres of land in Ridge Township in 1868. Sons Abraham, William B., Albert, and Hudson moved to Van Wert with their father in 1871. The youngest son, Hugh, died.

In 1867 Hugh Wallace married Lydia Burris in Jefferson County. She also moved to Van Wert County with Hugh and they became the parents of two daughters, Eva and Carrie. Eva married a Mr. Wybourn; their only daughter, Bessie, married Roy Finkhousen of Wren, Ohio. She died in her forties leaving no children. Carrie married a Mr. Settler and moved to Findlay, Ohio.

Hugh Wallace died September 11, 1892, in Van Wert County and is buried in Woodland Cemetery.

The following account is a brief summary of the families of the four Wallace brothers, Abraham, William B., Albert, and Hudson, who moved to Van Wert County with their father in 1871.


Abraham Wallace, or Abe as he was known to his family and friends, was born July 24, 1849, in Jefferson County, Ohio. He married Mary Augustine, daughter of Darriel and Mary Detwiler Augustine, in Van Wert County. Two daughters. Olive and Katie, were born to them.

Olive became the wife of Rufus Counsellor and they had two children: Herman, who never married, and Thelma, who married Dallas Repert, but had no children.

Katie married Purl Knott and they had seven children: Millard, Geraldine, Mary, Wallace who died young, Rufus and Ruth, twins, and Olive.  Millard married Rosie Miller and they have a daughter, Cleota. Geraldine married Clement Counseller and they had four children: Byron, Bernard, Berniece, and Betty. Mary Knott married Henry Ludwig and they have two daughters, Florence and Phyllis.  Rufus is unmarried. Ruth married Morgan McClure and they had four children: Doris, Marvel, Cleo, and Mildred. Ruth’s second husband is Roy Hennis. Olive Knott married William Coyle and their children are Dean, Jerry, Steven, and Mary.

Abe Wallace, a carpenter, died january 22, 1940, at the age of 90. He is buried in Woodland Cemetery.


William Benston Wallace, the second son of Hugh and Martha Stone Wallace, lost two young wives by death. His third wife was Eva Miller, a neighbor girl, who lived on the Ridge Road. To this union two sons were born, Orville in 1892 and Floyd in 1894.

Orville Wallace married Hazel Davis of Ridge Township. First, they lived on a farm in Hoaglin Township; later, they moved to Roswell, New Mexico.  They had  no children. Orville perished in a fire when the oil transport truck he was driving went off the mountain road he was traveling. Hazel died in Roswell.

Floyd married Bertha Creech of Van Wert and they had a daughter, Dorothy Jane. Floyd died of tuberculosis of the bone while still a young man. Bertha and Dorothy Tane presently reside at the Van Wert Manor Nursing Home.

William Benston Wallace, a farmer, was born July 24, 1851, in Jefferson County and died October 19, 1916, in Van Wart, Ohio. He was buried in Woodland Cemetery.

Eva Miller Wallace, widow of William Wallace, married Ed Walborn, a well-known citizen in the community. After his death, she divided her time between her daughters-in-law. She died in Roswell, New Mexico, in June, 1960.


Albert Wallace was born July 3, 1853, in Jefferson County, Ohio. He moved to Van Wert County in 1871 and settled with his father and three brothers in Ridge Township. He married Mary Louisa Mathews, a native of Merrow County, December 30, 1879. They were the parents of five children: Waiter Vincent, Nora, Hugh Jacob, Albert Ross, and Clarence Earl. Albert was manager of the Semple Stone Quarry in Ridge Township. He died June 24, 1919. His widow died March 2, 1945.

Walter Vincent, the eldest son of Albert and Mary Wallace, was a barber. He married May Lon in Chicago; thev had no children.

Nora, the only daughter, taught in the  Van  Wert  City  and  County Schools. Previous to her retirement in 1952 she was an instructor in the Veterans   Hospital in Rutland Heights, Massachusetts. She died in 1964 in Miami, Florida. She never married.

Hugh Jacob Wallace married Jessie Gilliland, daughter of SM. and Amanda E. Balyeat Gilliland. They moved to Dayton where their sons, Bernard and James, were born. Later they moved to Evansville, Indiana. Hugh was an engineer for Frigidaire and Kelvinator Corporations.


Hudson Wallace, the seventh child of Hugh and Martha Stone Wallace, was born September 1, 1855, in Jefferson County. He was a lad of fifteen when he came with his father, stepmother, and three older brothers to Van Wert County in 1871. He married his first wife, Alice Arbelle Mapes, on September 22, 1879. To this union were born three daughters: Nellie Belie, Bertha Ann, and Hulda Fern. Alice Arbelle Wallace contracted tuberculosis in 1897. Her husband took the family to California so that she could be treated at the San Gabriel Sanitarium, but nothing could be done for her ailment.  She wished to die at home so thev returned to Van Wert where she passed away in 1898.

The eldest daughter, Nellie, married William Giffin, son of David James and Elizabeth Norris Giffin of Hoaglin Township. Their two oldest children were born in Van Wert County. Then the family moved to Colorado and later to Lima, Ohio.  The second daughter, Bertha Ann, known as Bertie to the family, married Harry Huffine in 1904. After his death she married Ralph Odell.  The youngest daughter of Hudson and Alice Mapes Wallace was Hulda Fern. She was four years old when her mother died, but she has vivid memories of her mother and of the family’s trip to the sanitarium in California. She has recently written an account of her life for her great-grandchildren. In her writing she has portrayed such activities as butchering, spring housecleaning, kraut making, hominy making, cheese making, and many others.  Hulda Fern Wallace married Merrill M. Good, son of Frank and Martha Clippinger Good of Ridge Township in 1912.

In 1902 Hudson Wallace met and married Mollie Giffin Forste, a widow who had a four-year-old son, Lloyd McKhann Forste.  To this couple were born Margaret Eva and Sherman Hudson.


Ann Slutz – Sarah Grimm – Carrie Sitzler – Harriet Jackman – Albert Wallace – William Wallace – Hudson Wallace – Abraham Wallace – Eva Wyburn


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William B. Wallace with 1st Wife


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